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Luxor Monte Viso Series – Write Up

The Luxor Group has come up with yet another exciting range of premium writing instruments.... the MONTE VISO collection. It’s an exclusive collection conceptualized by the world-renowned pen designer from London, David Ruderman.

His creative enthusiasm and freshness of thought have helped transform the writing tools from an everyday utility item to a premium lifestyle accessory. It’s no more just a tool for communication, but an extension of the owner’s personality… designed not for the object itself, but for who and what it represents. The moment you pick up a MONTE VISO, there is a subtle and distinct feeling. You recognize it, you feel it, there's depth, and there's a connection between yourself and the instrument.

Available in a variety of options, colors and affordable pricing, each creation sports a distinctly futuristic look – fulfilling your passion to possess a chic and stylish writing tool that speaks volumes about your taste and personality.

An announcement from Dave Ruderman (Brand Ambassador)

Writing is an expression of oneself and each writing instrument with the Monte Viso Symbol is designed to make a statement. I am proud to present a sophisticated and premium collection of writing instruments. Pens with Style.

Dave Ruderman
World Renowned Designer