The Brand

The cleaning industry in India thumbs up with Luxor’s Nano technology, a revolutionary introduction to clean and protect every surface. Nano technology is globally used but it entered the Indian market only in 2011. Luxor is the first company to bring the highly acclaimed technology to India.

The technology claims that it not just clean surface but protects it from dust and dirt as well making cleaning easier and cost effective.

There is not much awareness about surface protection in India. People generally clean everything with a wet cloth or use any general cleanser without knowing the fact that it degrades the quality of a surface over a period of time. And that was the main reason Luxor brought in the Nano technology to India.


Cleaning solutions market in India is growing fast as urban India is getting more aware about it. Toilet cleaners, floor cleaners and surface cleaners are in huge demand.

Luxor is comparatively new in the segment but emerging as a key player with its various cleaning products available in the market. Luxor Nano cleaners are available at all its retail outlets across the country today. Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan was first brand ambassador of the brand.