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Luxor unveils new TVC featuring Deepika Padukone for its Marker Range


Luxor, the brand leader in Indian Writing Instrument Industry announced the launch of its new TVC for Luxor Marker range. Popular choice for classroom and office stationery products, Luxor offers India’s largest range of markers including Whiteboard marker, Permanent Marker and CD/OHP Writer.

The 30 seconds ‘Swami’ TVC with Deepika Paduone, personifies the confidence and energy that the brand stands for. Deepika, who represents young, vibrant and versatile youth, is the perfect face for the brand, connecting with consumers across India.

The commercial, a Lowe Lintas creative effort, lives up to the tagline of ‘it depends which marker you use more importantly the choices you make’. The TVC is aimed at creating a deeper bond with Luxor and also reinforces the quality and sustainability with the consumers.

Pooja Jain, Executive Director, Luxor Group, said, “Brand Luxor has always been a mark of excellence and has endeavored to deliver the best offering to its consumer. This innovative and focused campaign captures the essence of brand while catering to the growing class of consumers who are conscious of the brand they use and wants to make a mark. Over the years, Luxor has build the largest range of Whiteboard markers, where every product lives up to the brand promise and values”

The ad opens up with Swami ji talking about the permanent and temporary factors in a life journey. He writes ‘Happiness’ and ‘Money’ on the whiteboard and asks for someone to volunteer. Deepika Padukone, present amongst the audience, goes up and erases ‘Money’ but couldn’t erase ‘Happiness’. Then she asks for the markers and re-writes the same things and asks Swami ji to erase them. This time Swami ji is unable to erase ‘Money’ but can erase ‘Happiness’, communicating that it is all about the path and ink chosen to mark the important factors in one’s life.

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About Luxor Writing Instruments Pvt. Ltd (LWIL):

Started in 1963 under the entrepreneurial leadership of Late Mr. D. K. Jain, Luxor Writing Instruments Pvt. Ltd. (LWIPL) is one of the largest and most respected names in the writing instruments industry in India today. It is the leading manufacturer of writing instruments in India, producing over 6 million pens every day under the Luxor, Pilot, Parker and Waterman brands. Luxor as a brand is registered in more than 126 countries and Luxor range of writing instruments are exported to over 85 countries around the world including USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Australia.