Press Release

Discover the journey of Alphabets & Language with ‘The Luxor Handwriting Book’


With the thought and vision to inspire the coming generation, Late Mr. D.K.Jain, founder of Luxor, leader in Indian Writing Instrument Industry, authored a book titled ‘The Luxor Handwriting Book’, released today for students between classes II to VI.

The book talks about the discovery of alphabets, writing, human communication and handwriting. It emphasis on the importance of writing which might not be only be with pen and a paper.

Handwriting is an amalgamation of art and science which illustrates the evolution of writing. From jotting a shopping list, writing a birthday card or letter or signing documents writing is integral part of our daily lives and is reflection of our personalities. In recent years, modern technology has dramatically changed the way we communicate through writing. Apps like rED writing, iWrite words etc. have emerged to practice handwriting. However, despite the increased use of computers for writing, the skill of handwriting remains important in education, employment and in everyday life.

Inspired by this thought, The Luxor Handwriting Book aims to address the need for the young generation to focus on their writing skills in the early years. The proceeds from the book shall be sent to the charitable trust under the name of Luxor Foundation, engaged in educating underprivileged.

Luxor, synonymous for exciting writing for the past 50 years, has pioneered the Writing Instruments industry in India and brought world-famous brands like Parker, Pilot, and Waterman under the Group’s umbrella to serve the Indian consumer market. The company aims to offer maximum writing comfort to every consumer, from students to working executives to artists, focusing on quality, design and suitability.

About Luxor Writing Instruments Pvt. Ltd (LWIL):

Started in 1963 under the entrepreneurial leadership of Late Mr. D. K. Jain, Luxor Writing Instruments Pvt. Ltd. (LWIPL) is one of the largest and most respected names in the writing instruments industry in India today. It is the leading manufacturer of writing instruments in India for over four decades with producing over 300 million pens every year in Luxor, Pilot, Parker and Waterman brands. The Luxor as a brand is registered in more than 125 countries and Luxor range of writing instruments are exported to over 110 countries around the world including USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Australia.