Ryosuke Namiki, a professor at Tokyo Merchant Marine College, left his job to become a full time pen maker and the Pilot was born. Started as Namiki Manufacturing Company in 1918 by Ryosuke Namiki and Masao Wada, Pilot soon established itself as a global brand with quick overseas expansion. The company officially changed its name to Pilot Pen Company in 1938 and again to Pilot Ink Company in 1950.

Pilot revolutionized the segment of fountain pens in 1964 by inventing Capless, a pen with completely retractable nib. Capless gained global recognition garnering huge demand.

Luxor Group launched the globally renowned Pilot pens in India in 1982. Renamed as Pilot Corporation in 1989, Pilot soon became the preferred writing instruments brand in India. The brand gained huge popularity among students and officials. Pilot was the first international pen brand launched in India by the Luxor Group.

Pilot has its subsidiaries across the globe making it highly accessible throughout the world.