Luxor started his historical journey of becoming India’s leading writing instruments brand around fifty years ago under Late Mr. D.K Jain’s leadership. From the streets of Old Delhi to the international markets, Luxor has given many golden moments to the writing instruments industry of India.
  • Luxor introduced Fibre-tip and Roller Ball Pens in India in 1975.
  • Globally renowned Japanese pen brand Pilot was launched in India by Luxor in 1982. It was the entry of needle point pens in India.
  • Luxor further introduced permanent markers, highlighters, dry safe ink markers in 1986 to advance the writing instruments industry in India.
  • Luxor launched the world famous American pen brand Parker in India in 1996. With Parker, premium luxury pens made their entry in the Indian market.
  • Luxor’s status touched new heights with the launch of Waterman Pens in 2003.
  • The brand launched its premium range of stationery products in 2007.

Luxor was the first writing instruments brand who initiated the celebrity endorsement in the industry in 60s. Though it wasn’t popular that time but Luxor did quite well with advertisements. As the only Superbrand in the industry, Luxor carried some responsibilities towards national development as well. The brand promoted Literacy for All, a programme to spread education awareness in the country.