Writing Instruments

Writing Instruments are undetachable part of our lives. Our association with them starts at a very early age and goes on till life. A school kid knows the importance of a pencil or a paint brush. A businessman understands the need of a pen and a writer who glorifies the power of pen through words. Writing instruments are always with us, so is Luxor. The leading writing instruments brand touches our lives at every stage.

Since its inception in 1963, Luxor has set new benchmarks of success in writing instruments industry. The five decade old brand exports its products across the world today. The quality concerned brand has always focused on producing writing instruments for every generation. From school kids to college goers, officers to businessman, Luxor has a product for everyone.

Each product of Luxor comes into existence after an extensive market research. Each writing instrument of Luxor carries innovative use of latest technology with highest craftsmanship.